Summertime clean-up with design in mind

Summertime Clean-up With Design In Mind

It seems every year that our houses are back to square one when it comes to summer cleaning, leaving us with the task of taking a year’s worth of accumulated stuff and deciding what stays and what goes.

DIY tiling success depends on the right grout

DIY Tiling Success Depends On the Right Grout

Tiling or retiling your kitchen or bathrooms is a great way to refresh your home. Tile is a durable, low-maintenance material that, when installed correctly, can last for years. In areas like the kitchen and bathrooms, tile is the perfect marriage of aesthetics and functionality.

Do the Math: Buying a Home Now Is Possible

Do the Math: Buying a Home Now Is Possible

With record low housing supply and high inflation contributing to skyrocketing home prices, the barriers to owning a home may seem insurmountable. But buying a home in a sustainable, affordable way is possible with low down payment mortgage options.